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Now Hiring Part-Time After School Homework Center Coordinator at Rainier Beach High School!

WA-BLOC is excited to announce that we are hiring a part-time after school Homework Center Coordinator!  The Homework Center Coordinator (HWCC) will work in partnership with our Rainier Beach WA-BLOC team and be responsible for the day to day operations of our drop in, academic support program for Rainier Beach High Schoolers grades 9-12. The HWCC will help create a learning environment and physical space that is productive, respectful, dynamic, and safe. This begins in the community, where the Coordinator will engage with community members and college institutions to recruit volunteers, forge partnerships and raise awareness of our program in the school. The Coordinator will help orient new volunteers, and supervise volunteers as they tutor and mentor students while providing additional tutoring assistance as needed. Applicants should have strong orientation to community-centered, transformative education and be excited about youth academic and leadership development.