About Us

Revolutionizing Education

Increasing educational inequity for Black and Brown students in Seattle Public Schools and the exodus of youth serving organizations in South Seattle catalyzed our team to start “WA-BLOC” in 2016 and has empowered us to lead bravely where youth experience trauma and marginalization in education. WA-BLOC builds this mission and vision through year-round programming that re-engages students in school, builds intergenerational place-based leaders of change, dismantles systemic racism, and disrupts the school to prison pipeline for black and brown youth in Southeast Seattle.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower academic, creative, community-connected lifelong leaders through high-impact academic and “place-based” social justice leadership development.

Our Vision

Our vision is that South Seattle is a thriving nucleus of Black and Brown excellence where community-connected, place-based intergenerational leaders Harambee [come together] for equity, transformative education, and liberation.

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