Trainings and Workshops

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We empower organizations through various trainings using strategies focused on advancing racial equity.

Restorative Justice and

Circle-keeping Training

Information coming soon!

K-12 Engagement Strategies

Engaging with students in the classroom and community can be difficult when there are social and cultural gaps between educators and students. WA-BLOC helps bridge these separations through workshops and trainings that focus on establishing positive relationships between students and educators. We help educators “educe” the brilliance out of their classroom and students, using proven strategies that engage pupils on an intrinsic level.

Community Partners & Support

Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC)   •  Seattle Public Schools  •  FEEST Seattle  • Seattle University  • University of Washington Pipeline Tutors  •   The Seattle Foundation   •  South East Seattle PEACE Coalition     •  The Greater Foundation   •  Stolte Family Foundation   •    Social Venture Partners   •   Taubman Foundation   •   Social Justice Fund   •   The Autumn Club • Seattle Seahawks • Satterberg Foundation • Rainier Valley Corps • 

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