Igniting transformation through

Washington Building Leaders of Change

The Academic Impact

We build committed, motivated, literate, and empowered leaders of change.


month increase in reading levels in 6 weeks


maintained or grew academically over summer months


ORCA cards distributed after scholars’ advocacy led to City funding and creation of the Youth ORCA Program

The Transformation We Ignite

Transformation only happens when we find the self-worth and resilience to stand and advocate for ourselves.  It only happens when we seize our power to transform ourselves and our world.

This takes more than textbooks.  It takes revolutionary education.  This is our three-step approach.

Revolutionary Curriculum

Motivation drives transformation. We invest our scholars in learning through culturally responsive curriculum and civic engagement as they affirm their history, identity, and value in the world.

Community Mobilization

Transformation doesn’t happen alone. We build an ever-present, intergenerational network of support through program leaders, family, community influencers, and cooperative peer reinforcement.

Place-Based Leadership

Scholars transformed see and use their power to make a difference. We build self-worth and resilience alongside advocacy, conflict resolution, and critical thinking skills to create leaders of change.

Our Programs
WA-BLOC provides year-round, place-based programming at Rainier Beach High School to build leaders of change through hope, education, and action.

Freedom Schools

CDF Freedom Schools provide an intensive, culturally responsive, literacy rich summer program to reverse summer learning loss, foster positive identity, and build leaders who transform themselves and their family, community, and world.

BLOC Events

WA-BLOC facilitates school-wide events that build identity, belonging and cultivate leadership development and contribute to positive school culture and climate.

Check and Connect

Scholars pair with a year-round mentor who enhances engagement, fosters student identity and belonging, builds competence, and provides persistent support for personal, academic, and behavioral development.

Embedded Tutoring

Program leaders push in to academic classes to support a positive learning environment, culturally relevant teaching practices, high impact teacher-student engagement, and academic support.

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